• Why are you called King’s Kids “Next Generation”?

    • King’s Kids Next Generation originated from a ministry called King’s Kids in Action, which was started in the late 1970’s by Juanita Fisher.  Many of the original “kids” continue to spread the Gospel wherever the Lord has planted them.  Some are pastors, some work in missions, and several are parents of the current children in King’s Kids Next Generation.

  • How do the King’s Kids fund their ministry and mission trips?

    • We are funded by the Lord’s favor.  The kids fundraise, we receive some outside donations, and each family involved in the ministry contributes as led by the Lord.  The kids have contributed through fundraisers such as yard sales, working at people's homes, Christmas tree removal, and babysitting.

  • How do I have King’s Kids come to my church, youth group, or event?

    • Contact our Ministry Event Coordinator.  The contact information is under the “Contact” tab of our website.  There is no fee for our service.