There are some people in the world who have been blessed with a solid, contagious love for the Lord.  It’s a pure love that cultivates warmth with strength, gentleness with boldness, and feistiness with kindness.  All of us probably know someone like this.  When you’re in the presence of one of these people, no matter how hard your day has been, you become more receptive to God’s grace and you know more fully how His love endures.  This is one of those people:

This is Carter Bullard, Sr.  From age thirty, when he made Jesus Lord of his life, Carter was driven, like the apostle Paul, to share the love and light of Jesus to everyone he met. In July of 2004, Carter was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  For the next five years, he was even more driven to share the treasure of his relationship with Christ!  The nurses, the doctors, the people in the post office…wherever Carter was, Jesus’ name was being glorified.  During this time he also began meeting regularly with the King’s Kids, many of whom were his grandchildren.  He shared his vision of them taking the light of Christ to the world.  The kids spent months singing, worshiping, praying, and studying the Bible.  They were preparing to pass on the greatest of legacies.  They were preparing for what the Lord had planned.  On October 10, 2009, Carter Bullard, Sr. went home to his ultimate reward.  One of the last things he told his grandchildren was, “Set a goal in your life and reach it, but always give the glory to the Lord.” 

Grandfather Bullard’s charge to the kids sums up the King’s Kids mission: spread the light of Jesus to anyone who will come and do it all for the glory of God!  The kids believed the Lord would work through this ministry.  They expected miraculous signs and wonders to confirm the Lord’s anointing in their lives.  Since its inception in 2007, King’s Kids Next Generation has doubled in size and has had request after request for local outreach services and services abroad.  Please pray for the kids as they live out their goal to bring people to Christ through their fruits of The Spirit.