What We Do

King’s Kids Next Generation ministers to others through: 

  • Local Outreach.  We provide worship services with music, testimonies, dance, skits, and prayer at local churches, youth groups, nursing homes, soup kitchens, schools, public events, and anywhere else we are invited or called to be.

  • Mission Trips.  We traveled to Mexico twice to nourish the physical and spiritual needs of the people there. We tended to orphans, prisoners, and other people struck by extreme poverty and abuse. We have future trips planned nationally and internationally.

  • Treasure Hunts.  We prayerfully go into the streets of our community and minister, witness, and pray for those God puts on our hearts, those who are a treasure to Him!

  • Youth Bible Studies.  We host weekly Bible studies to encourage teens to have a deeper, more personal relationship with God that is not lukewarm, but rather bold in faith and the fullness of Jesus!

  • Tutoring/Mentoring. We tutor and mentor children in the Spanish speaking community in Gwinnett county.